What makes this project truly unique is that it is maintained entirely by two, 99 year ground leases on Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority owned land adjacent to Levy Park.


At the onset of the park renovation planning, it became clear that Levy Park needed not only the facilities to support community-driven programming identified in a 2011 Project for Public Spaces study, but also active, vibrant edges engaged in complementary uses.


The Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority entered into a partnership with renowned City Center developer, the Midway Companies, to activate the edges of the park with a smart mix of uses that will enhance public programming and amenities on the park side with the thoughtful integration of Class-A office space, dining amenities and high-end lofts on the private side. These complementary uses will not only stimulate park patronage but will also generate the funds needed to maintain and program the park for the next 99 years.


The partnership will create a transformative mixed-use environment and a highly activated project. The combination of uses, along with the urban park, will generate an economically and physically sustainable model that will redefine quality of life in Upper Kirby.





Founded in May 1996, the nonprofit Upper Kirby District Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the Upper Kirby District for commercial and residential living and improving quality of life in the area. These goals are accomplished through education, community programs, public improvements, outreach services, beautification and environmental efforts.


Throughout the years, businesses, residents and visitors have enjoyed the small-town feel of Upper Kirby’s unique community. As you enter the vibrant neighborhoods, you experience a quieter time and place in the midst of a large, bustling city. New high-density residential and retail developments, and existing neighborhoods are able to merge with infrastructure and landscaping improvements and ongoing maintenance services to create a blueprint that accommodates the City’s growing population without sacrificing its natural beauty and character.


The Upper Kirby District Foundation’s commitment to improving the district and surrounding areas was enhanced with the creation of a management district (Harris County Improvement District No. 3) in 1997 and a tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ NO. 19) in 1999.